Your Biggest Exposure Within the S&P 500 Index

Do you hold the S&P 500 index aka the index fund? 

The S&P index is a bucket of 500 companies, weighted by their market capitalization, meaning your exposure is highest in these companies below:

Microsoft Corporation4.89%
Apple Inc.4.63% Inc.3.18%
Facebook Inc. Class A1.85%
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B1.65%
Alphabet Inc. Class A1.60%
Alphabet Inc. Class C1.60%
JPMorgan Chase & Co.1.54%
Johnson & Johnson1.48%
Visa Inc. Class A1.25%

In 2020, the S&P index dropped -7.71%. I made an Excel, S&P Index, with all this information. You are free to use it for your own analysis.

Here is some quick information about the S&P index that holders might find interesting:

Companies that did the most damage to the index in 2020

Apple Inc.-0.32%
JPMorgan Chase & Co.-0.26%
Exxon Mobil Corporation-0.22%
Bank of America Corp-0.18%
Chevron Corporation-0.16%
Walt Disney Company-0.16%
Wells Fargo & Company-0.16%
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B-0.15%
UnitedHealth Group Incorporated-0.13%
Merck & Co. Inc.-0.13%
Citigroup Inc.-0.12%
Johnson & Johnson-0.12%

Companies that increased the value of the index the most in 2020

Microsoft Corporation0.13%
Netflix Inc.0.09%
NVIDIA Corporation0.09% Inc.0.06%
ServiceNow Inc.0.04%
Adobe Inc.0.03% inc.0.03%
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.0.03%
Gilead Sciences Inc.0.03%
NextEra Energy Inc.0.02%
NortonLifeLock Inc.0.02%
T-Mobile US Inc.0.02%

Companies with the biggest drop this year

ViacomCBS Inc. Class B-41.36%
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.-39.77%
Marathon Oil Corporation-39.03%
Devon Energy Corporation-37.47%
Baker Hughes Company Class A-37.22%
Cimarex Energy Co.-37.04%
Noble Energy Inc.-36.27%
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.-36.21%
DXC Technology Co.-35.86%
Under Armour Inc. Class C-34.93%

Companies in the S&P with the biggest gains in 2020

NortonLifeLock Inc.40.75%
L Brands Inc.19.54%
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.18.40%
ServiceNow Inc.15.50%
T-Mobile US Inc.14.97%
NVIDIA Corporation14.78%
MSCI Inc. Class A14.43%
Netflix Inc.14.05%
Rollins Inc.12.91%
Albemarle Corporation12.06%

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