Bond Accounting Excel

Views: 100 For Bond Nerds  Bond_accounting_Excel 

Bond Accounting Excel

Views: 100 For Bond Nerds  Bond_accounting_Excel 

Predicting Future Bitcoin Behavior Using YahooFinance! Data

Trying to value Bitcoin is complicated and numberless. In a simple experiment, I wanted to see what I could do with Bitcoin’s historical data from YahooFinance!

Simple Bitcoin Data Analysis Model (Version 1)

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How to Start an Investment Bank at Home in Less than 10 Mins

I took what I learned from business school as well as work and simplified it here. This article is not in any way comprehensive. However, I do believe it offers general insight into the research and evaluation process of an investment bank.

Free Valuation Excel (Version 2)

This workbook assists in the financial analysis and valuation of companies. You get automatic financial forecasts, stock prices based on DCF, and financial ratios in minutes.

The Ripple Labs Partnership Offer Value to MoneyGram in Terms of Cost Reduction in Q4 and Q1 2020

We can expect to see higher EBITDA in the next quarter (Q4) and in Q1 of 2020. RippleNet reduces MGI’s SWIFT communication cost to its partner banks. XRP can cut transaction cost by 40% to 60% and reduce transaction time to 2 to 3 seconds

MoneyGram is Now the Most Sophisticated Money Transfer Company

MoneyGram is the first company to utilize both Visa Direct and blockchain technology. The company will expand the use of blockchain globally after its Q3 success in Mexico, greatly increasing its operating margin in the next quarter (Q4).

The Bitcoin Article for Anyone and Everyone

Before blockchain, the problem with digital transactions is that we needed a third person verifying our moves. I might be a bad person and make copies of the same digital dollar. I might have transfer you, your parents, and your friend the same digital dollar for three pieces of bubble gum instead of one.

Stock Analysis: MoneyGram International (MGI), Now Powered by Blockchain

MoneyGram International Inc. (MGI) is a blockchain-based money transfer company serving a segment of the estimated 1.7 billion unbanked individuals. In 2018, the Company generated 88% of its total revenue from money transfer services and competes with companies such as Western Union (WU) and PayPal (PYPL) for shares in the unbanked money transfer market.